I am currently hooked like a crack-bitch on Phil Rossi's novel CRESCENT. Now, don't get me wrong here - I don't like Phil Rossi. He's a pretty boy. He gives hard-drinking (and horribly out of shape) authors like Hutchins and I a bad name. You hear me, Phil Rossi? Damn you and your hair! But the man can spin a cool-ass tale. Think of HP Lovecraft, in space, knocking boots with the slutty love child of Phillip K. Dick and Anne Rice. That's Crescent. Sign up now, and thank me later.
While I admit I don't read many books that don't include monsters, genetics, space and/or goth schoolgirls, Seth Harwood's JACK WAKES UP is on the "must play" playlist on my iPod. I don't like Harwood either. Too tall. Maybe I just hate him because I'm short and have been called a "talking cadaver." I'm bitter, okay?
Like I even need to include this one. Every fucker on the planet listens to this ridiculous illegal audio herion that has us all strung out. 7th Son, Book Three.J.C. Hutchins is a motherfucker, okay? It's just that simple. Muh-ther-fah-ker.


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