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Dear Super Smart Person who owns a hardcover copy of THE STARTER:

Dark Øverlord MediaHere at Dark Øverlord Media, we bust our butts to provide the quality entertainment Junkies deserve, and have come to expect (if you’re new in these parts, Pilgrim, “Junkies” is what Scott’s die-hard fans call themselves). In twenty-eight years of podcasting; through the whole print book experience; in columns and videos and classes and conventions and book tours; we try hard to earn the investment you make in us when you choose Scott's work for entertainment.

As a two-person operation, we sometimes struggle to meet that obligation.  The demands of producing a weekly podcast (and often more than once a week), writing two print books per year and touring are significant as-is — meeting those demands while running a new business on a shoestring budget can be overwhelming.

Earlier this year, we faced competing deadlines for ANCESTOR and THE STARTER. In retrospect, our efforts to stick to the promised delivery schedule for THE STARTER compromised our ability to deliver the best product we possibly could. We had multiple editors, including ardent fans, dedicated readers and professionals, but had trouble implementing edits into our final document. We scrambled to meet the deadline, and as a result, typos made it into print.

STARTER eBook is the shit, yo!Caveat: we are smart (s-m-r-t!), but we are also flying without a net in most areas of this business. We’re figuring things out as we go along, and sometimes that means reality gives you a rude Chuck Norris style roundhouse kick to the teeth. During the e-book and audiobook production for THE ROOKIE and THE STARTER, however, we've put new processes in place to correct these issues. Read also: we are giving the typos a beat-down!

As a way to say thank you for your continued support, we're offering a free ebook version of THE STARTER to anyone who purchased the print book. If you own a hardcover, regardless of when it was purchased, please email the Director of Døøm, A Kovacs, at to receive your personal download instructions.

We hope this small, value-added piece will reinforce our commitment to you, and give you a chance to see our improved process at work in advance of 2011 release of THE ALL-PRO (Book III of the Galactic Football League series).

Thank you for your support of Dark Øverlord Media, and the GFL series.  We're on a collision course with success, the only variable is time.


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