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Please double check your receipt from PayPal and make sure your shipping address listed is correct.

What if you need help from here? What if your mailing address isn't correct? Just click here to email A, the Director of Døøm or, if you're signed in over at, the Contact Us form. We'll get you sorted out. 


We can:

  • Update mailing addresses prior to shipping if you contact us within 24 hours of placing the order.
  • Adjust your order if you change your mind.
  • Answer other shipping related questions.

We can't:

  • Give you a specific number.
  • Give you book number 3000.
  • Answer physics-related questions.

I still have questions!  Contact us here or click here to email A, the Director of Døøm, or hit the Frequently Asked Questions.



Dark Øverlord Media thanks you.




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