Scott, ARealGirl, Mickey and Minny all think you are the shit. Do you hear me? The shit!

We can't wait to hang out with you in May. Well, Scott and ARealGirl can't, Minny will probably be pulling Mickey's head out of the toilet. Mr. Mouse has been on a few benders lately, getting into the Tuaca, throwing up blood, that sort of thing. We keep telling her to leave his drunk ass, that she's still a hot piece of mouse ass and should get with that Donald fella, but she stands by her beau.

[img_assist|nid=4571|title=You wanna party with this guy?|desc=Hey, it's your funeral, so have at it.|link=none|align=right|width=138|height=125]

Caveats and disclaimers, a.k.a "the fine print"

Mickey wants to

Dark Ă˜verlord Media is not responsible for over-indulgence, bullet wounds, stab wounds, the Dance of St. Vitus, naked pictures of you and/or farm animals, last wills & testaments created while under the influence of a certain evil semi-omnipotent author, landmines, firetrucks, missing persons, poor imitations of British people (including, but not limited to, Cockney impressions and impressions of Her Majesty), verbal abuse by Phil Rossi, vomit (in any form), or any type of physical or mental damage known now or to be invented in the future.


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