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Groupon code gives you daily deals on the best stuff to eat,, do, and buy in 48 countries. 

The company philosophy is basic and effective: they treat their customers the way they would like to be treated, and here's how:

They sell stuff they want to buy. Discounts and low prices are only part of the equation – it has to be a great product or service to begin with. Groupon partners with thousands of top-rated businesses to get crazy prices. The stuff is so good it will have you venturing out to try new restaurants, stores and activities, just because its featured on Groupon. That's how good their fun offers are; once you try a few offers, you'll know that you can rely on them for different things.

No BS. Groupon really wants you to love the service. There are no hidden conditions or "Gotchas" that can spoil the opportunities. They want each Groupon purchase to feel too good to be true. If there's anything unusual about a deal (e.g. an inconvenient location) they go out of our way to point it out.

Unbelievable customer service. Like you, Groupon staffers have suffered through hour-long "transfer-athons" with customer service departments, or waited days for an email reply to a simple question. If you contact them, they'll do what it takes to make things right - and do it fast. Contact them here, or speak with a human (during normal business hours): (877) 788-7858


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