When will my copy of THE MVP be delivered, and when will my card get charged?
This is the PRE-ORDER phase of things.  The books will ship in time for the first game of the NFL Season.  Publication date for THE MVP is September 4, 2012. Your card will be charged when the order is placed.  Yes, it's a long wait, but worth it.  We won't let you down.

If I order THE STARTER or THE ALL-PRO, when will they be delivered, and when will my card get charged?
and THE ALL-PRO are available now in all formats.  These books will ship within a week, unless you have requested personalization for these books. IF YOU HAVE REQUESTED PERSONALIZATION, THESE BOOKS WILL SHIP IN SEPTEMBER ALONG WITH YOUR COPY OF THE MVP.  If it's possible to get them sent sooner, we will, but no promises.  Yes, it's a long wait, but worth it.  We won't let you down.

If I order THE MVP, THE ALL-PRO & THE STARTER, can you also send me THE ROOKIE?
No, sorry, we can't do that. THE ROOKIE is sold out. You can find it on eBay or resold at Amazon, but we no longer sell them.

Can I order any other way, or just PayPal and credit card?
Since we've partnered with BackMyBook.com, you can order using your credit card or PayPal.  We do not accept other forms of payment at this time.

Please follow the instructions on the check out page.  Keep in mind that non-US credit cards may not be accepted due to limitations beyond our control.  If this is the case, please use PayPal to place your order. 

Can I get a specific book number for THE STARTER, THE ALL-PRO or THE MVP? (Also known as: Can I get book number 3000 of THE STARTER or 2000 of THE ALL-PRO? I neeeeed the last book number man!)
No. In an effort to be fair to everyone, and due to the logistics of distribution, we assign numbers in order of purchase only, and number order is determined by when we get the email confirming the purchase. The distribution team are working very hard already, and adding that layer of work isn't feasible.

Also, this means we're unable to give you the specific number you had for THE ROOKIE, THE STARTER or THE ALL-PRO.

Please note:  We have received over 500 requests for the last book numbers. Please do not ask, as we will not honor your request.  Although it is not yet decided, it's very likely that we'll auction those last books.

Can I order more than one?
Absolutely! We're set up for ordering multiple copies, if that's your pleasure. In the case of the combination order, there are buttons set up in the store for that as well.

Will Scott personalize mine?
As long as we're still in pre-order, absolutely! Personalization at the time of purchase is only available for books purchased through this website, not through the Amazon page. Please use the "Enter Special Instructions" text field during check-out to let us know what you want.

What if I made a mistake in my special instructions? What if my address changes?
No problem. Just use the contact form or email the Director of Døøm to let us know what fixes you need. If Scott hasn't already signed and shipped your book, we'll fix it. 

Will you ship to my country/APO/FPO/backwater town?
Yes. PayPal should work for your shipping address.  If you have trouble, use the contact form or email the Director of Døøm to let us know, and we'll get it figured out. 

Are you selling at Amazon? In bookstores?
THE MVP is up for pre-sale at Amazon.com. THE STARTER and THE ALL-PRO hardcovers are for sale at Amazon, and those eBooks are available in the Kindle Store.  Our friends at Borderlands and Mysterious Galaxy have a copies of THE STARTER and THE ALL-PRO hardcovers, but no other bookstores.

What if I want to send someone a copy of THE MVP, THE ALL-PRO, or THE STARTER as a gift?
Wow, you are a truly awesome friend! Just complete the  "Enter Special Instructions" text field with the details you want, and use the gift recipient's shipping address.  

Can I order other Sigler books when I order THE MVP?
Yes and no.  You'll order THE MVP, THE STARTER and/or THE ALL-PRO using our store. You can order Scott's books from Amazon, but they'll ship separately and can't be personalized or signed.  

What if THE ALL-PRO, THE STARTER or THE MVP sell out before I can buy a copy?
Life is cold, brutish, short and hella unfair. But never fear, dear Damn Dirty Junkie, should be plenty of time for you to get your copy if you order before September. 


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