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On Tuesday, Dec. 16, welcome to teaser hell ...

There are twelve unique promotional posters for the horror novel CONTAGIOUS, each hinting at a key phrase or plot point. What do they mean? You'll find out when you read the book or listen to the free podcast. What's more, if you put all twelve of these high-resolution, printable posters together in the right order, and you can see Perry's final, doom-filled vision.

Through January 2009, the only one you will find at scottsigler.com is the "DOMREC." The rest roll out exclusively on eleven other websites. Each site will feature one poster design only. To collect them all, you must visit all the sites (or subscribe to their respective RSS feeds).

Why did I pick the other eleven sites?  Not only because they have big audiences (I'm a promotional whore, remember?), but because they have cool content. These sites will either make you laugh, entertain you or educate you. I love all of these sites, and think you will too.

Here are links to the posters for each site:


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