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That's awesome. I even saw it on Yahoo's main page for a little while there.
Let the plaid tanks roll...
aka nilling everywhere else!
Commented on the artcile, shared on Facebook, and tweeted.  Spreading the gospel Oh Dark One!  I'm toally stoked for you man.  Hopfully this has a snowball effect.
I hope it has a snow ball effect too....Sigler gives us his all and he deserves more attention from the world for his work....and I want to see the FDO actually become the FDO....

Your mind will play tricks on you....when your eyes don't know what they are looking at....


I somehow stublemd on to the Earthcore podcast when it was about half way through and got hooked... Now, yesterday, I fired up Yahoo and there was Scott Sigler's name! ON THE MAIN PAGE!

Congrats Sigler! ...And all this time I thought all that overlord stuff was hyperbole... I guess I better start practicing my obsequious bows.

(p.s. would you please hurry up and release the MVP? I gotta know what's going to happen...)


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