I don't give a crap what any of the pseudo-intellectual anonymous hipster bitches think, this movie is made of Fuck Yeah. I can't wait for this shit. I found this from io9.com, a really kick-ass blog (even if most of the commenters are the aforementioned pseudo-intellectual anonymous hipster bitches).




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Fuck Yeah!

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Holy crap!

That looks EPIC....in every sense of the word.  Looks like they have some good people behind that project...people that worked on LOTR...it' has the same feeling as the LOTR movies..at least the darker parts.


Hand't even heard of this movie....looks very cool!!


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Looks like a story line I havent seen before. Dragon, spaceships, Vikings all together! Looks like its gonna rock!

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That actually does look pretty damn good.  Although is it bad that one of the first things I thought about was Jesus fighting Dragons?? hehe!
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Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf
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This looks really cool!


Are that you singing???


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I would watch this

I love that kind of shit so I would watch it.
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Yes i want to see this!!!

Is this going first to DVD or will I have to pay eight bucks to see it?

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Fuck Yeah

That looks fucking wild.


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this is going to be so bad ass!



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The looks awesome

I fucking love movies like this.  Looks well made to
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This is the shit!!

This looks AWESOME! The only thing tougher than alien warriors is a Viking's fighting spirit! I'm picturing loads of cheesy catchphrases, funnily pronounced r's and unnecessarily violent acts! Vikings will fuck them up hands down!! Probably won't come out over here though... We didn't get Bloodrayne either. No great loss there...

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It looks good

I have been reading about this moving for awhile. It should be good.
This is not the end because if it is HOLY SHIT!
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Can someone PM me WHEN this is comming out? it says 2008, well we are past that, and I havent seen it advertised..




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Check your local DVD rental store.


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Massive UK release

The film looks good but to watch it in the UK? No chance, the Odeon UK release is just one cinema in Manchester

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