The Independent logo for Scott Sigler Digital Dickens articleThe Sigler Ascension landed in the UK last week. We're off to a body count of over 2,000 in the first week, which is awesome! If you're in the UK, Australia or New Zealand, go get your copy and help make the body count climb.

We got some amazing ink in an article in The Independent newspaper. They brought back that awesome "Digital Dickens" nickname ... a nickname created by a Junkie, I believe?

Also got the most flattering review yet in the Sacramento News & Review. It's just online, but if we drive enough trafffic there they may put it in the 85,000-circulation print version.

Two small tasks for today.

1. Click here to read the story in The Independent. Email it to as many people as you like to help drive the story up the ranks, which will get it into the "most read" chart on the side and result in more people being exposed to Siglerism (and if you know, click here to Digg the story!).

2. Click here to go to the amazing review at the Sacramento News & Review. Leave a comment. We get enough comments, maybe they run this thing in the print section.

Scifi Surplus podcast talks about the state of podcast fiction with Mur Lafferty and Scott siglerTHE STATE OF PODCAST FICTION
A podcast called SciFi Surplus just had an interview with Mur Lafferty to discuss the state ofpodcast fiction. Click here to listen in. This has to be the single most comprehensive coverage of what's going on in the space that I've heard yet. It's a long show, but they edit out any breathing room and change topics so fast it's like an ADD newscast.


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Where to find Sci-Fi Surplus

You can get the Sci-Fi Surplus show from the website here, or from iTunes (just search for Sci-Fi Surplus).


Thanks for the mention, Scott!  Maybe we can have you on one day?


(I'm the Pam from the podcast- yes, the one with the poop comment and the chicken novel- argh). 

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And forgive my previous omission, but congrats on the article!

Please don't eat my soul.
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SciFi Surplus #056

The SciFi Surplus bows before the awesomeness that is the FDO and humbly thank him for the plug. Now we request that he get off his pontificating ass and get us the rest of Nocturnal!
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FDO TM Take over of the uk !!!

wow great article about you in the indipendant scott its a good month for you in the uk as there is a great article about you in the latest SFX magazine on sale now (August Edition) that gives infected a realy good review and there is like the biggest picture of you i have ever seen in there as well keep it up and viva la siglerism
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Sorry about that

I made your little logo-picture an active link, but forgot to put the link in the story. Corrected.
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I Bought mine.

As a loyal Junkie, I went into the bookshop and got mine from Borders in Glasgow.

It was right at the front... but not under new... it's in the 'buy one get one half price' section. I spread them out a little so they covered more area.

Awesome stuff. 

(b'.')b --- Mike---proceed-->

--- Mike----->
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I read the comment three times before I got it. Not being mean, mind you, but my dyslexia sucks when I'm tired. I read, " The SciFi Surplus blows..." and was thinking, WTF? I KNOW thats not right... I'll be downloading the episode for my Friday roadtrip. I blame Hutchins...

Be safe,

Wired Pig
Married, again, with 5 daughters... Scott has NO idea what true horror is.
Twitter: WiredPig

Wired Pig

Chief of Secret Police - Guess its not 'secret' anymore...
Married, again, with 5 daughters... Scott has NO idea what true horror is.
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The Sacramento link doesn't work

Link #2 is busted - all I get is a 'post is not a known file type, save...' ?

Going to be listening to Noct30 in a few minutes - must first make sign for office door: 'Enter at own risk'


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Just checked it, it's working now

Julie Andrews at work again.
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cool write up

hi scott great write up i got mine at waterstones in gillingham kent uk on day of release

i just had to scratch that itch

i bought it at the same time as terry pratchett and stephen king

hi i am an original junkie and wannabe writer also mad dog lover (in good way) bull mastiff cross great dane   and also a old english sheep dog

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UK - The Independent

That's a really great article in The Independent but I prefer your tag of FDO to Digital Dickens! I feel privelged to be part of the UK "sales spike" Wink


kill columbo...

aka nilling everywhere else!
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Not getting slated by the Independent? Man you are good

Normaly those guys are not to friednly to SIFI/HORROR not mainstreem nicie nice kind of things but that is a real pice of work. Big congratulations to the evil Overlord

Things go wrong and that is how we learn

Things go wrong and that is how we learn

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