Pimping my paltry attempts at horror/humor over at AMCTV.com. Michael Myers has been wearing the same threads for 30 years, people -- read up on my efforts to modernize this horror icon. Go to AMCTV.com post.



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Now that jumpsuit is a classic. Not classic in the sense of a fine tweed or a nice herringbone, but who isn't impressed with this sartorial statement of elegance. It's taken a lot of abuse over the years.  There's been blood and assorted bodily fluids splashed, soaked, ground and dabbed all over it.  Bloody ain't easy to get out I aint too proud to tell you.  The one time in London when me and the girls disembowled a zombie horde ... wait, this isn't about me. Anyway, all Mike has to do to maintain the coverall is to wash it with like colors, dry on low and slip into its dreamy comfort.You should get one, Dark Overlord.  You won't know comfort until you do.

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Good Stuff

I just took a look at your AMCTV posts. They were quite enjoyable.
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I vote for a washed out Star Trek uniform

It would go with the mask. I can't think of anything more terrifying than a psycho trekkie.


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Trekkies and the origins of the Michael Meyers Mask

Trekkie... hmm reminds me of a rumour, wasn't it that the original Michael Meyers mask was really just a William Shatner mask turned inside out?  I guess they turned it inside out because they didn't want to scare the audience so much fecal matter would be dripping out ones pants.
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Loved this!! Who'da thunk it! MM what a Hunk. Thanks Scott.

What a fun idea, Monster makeover. Scott sure has a different way of looking at things.......He is so funny!  can't wait for his next blog!

Junkies, be sure a leave a comment after you read his Makeover Blog at AMCTV.com

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Wow... Who was the person on the cover before scott stuck a serial killers face on there?

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