"The Crypt" Lego build #1 "The Crypt" Lego build #2

Kelly the Builder (a.k.a., Junkie Kelly McArdle) has taken it upon his Quyth Leader self to engineer a Lego model of the P.U.V. James Keeling, also known as "The Crypt." Yes, this will be a whoop-ass, three-foot-long Lego model of everyone's favorite mysterious ship. These pictures show the internal frame he's using for the build.

Kelly's plan is to not only build this, but track instructions and a parts order sheet so that anyone can buy the goods and make their own model. Yes, that's what I just said right there. 

When I was a kid, my very first scifi ships/armies/plots were built with Legos. I didn't make the ship shown on the box, I uses all the parts to make my own designs. I love Legos and this is super exciting to me. Kick that ass, Kelly the Builder! 


So awesome.  Great job Kelly!
Nicole tells me there is a Lego website where you can design it online And it will determine the parts needed and make a Lego set for you.
Such an awesome concept!!!! You alluded to this in the Hell Week videos, I thought. Is there any site we can watch its development and construction? Or will there be periodic updates right here? Way to go Kelly!

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THAT is going to be all sorts of awesome!
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This rocks! I can't wait to see it finished.

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That is so cool.

Also can't wait to get a hold of the instructions on how to make it.

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