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The pre-season is here! Quentin finishes up his scouting work and gets ready to hit the gridiron to preapre the Krakens for their second Tier One season. We hear from Dan, Akbar and Tarat the Smasher of "The Galaxy's Greatest Sports Show," and an excerpt from "Earth: The Birthplace of Sentients."

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FDO you sneaky fiend I  think I might have heard a refrence to descendant in this epi being that the (i hope im spelling this corectly) prowat race are the descendants and are discovered in 2015. this also could point to the release of the book being 2015

BlackShard Syndicate we love gasmasks

____________________________________ "BlackShard Syndicate, we love gasmasks"
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love the book so far!

BlackShard Syndicate we love gasmasks

____________________________________ "BlackShard Syndicate, we love gasmasks"
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In this case,

I think the FDO is simply referring to a descendant in the literal sense - "something deriving in appearance, function, or general character from an earlier form".

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Taxonomy and Phylogeny

Scott, this latest episode of THE ALL-PRO is one of my favorites so far! Finally, some nitty-gritty taxonomy and explanation of some of the other races we've heard mention of. I was wondering if the Dolphins were really dolphins, or if that was just a nickname. Now we know. Also really dug the discussion of the Prawat and other forms of artificial life.

I'm an evolutionary biologist, so this shit's right up my alley.  Keep up the great work!

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As for the speculation above, I concur with Belladonna420.  I don't think Scott was dropping an Easter Egg about the eponymous antagonists of the as-yet incomplete book, DESCENDANT.  Though, I think it'd be awesome of he did do something like that.  But the Prawat, as I currently imagine them, are likely to be more mechanical, or perhaps some blend of biological and mecahnical, based on what Scott said in this current episode.  That's my take, at least.

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One word.... Interesting...

... and plenty of food for thought in this episode.

Stay Alive - NC

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