[img_assist|nid=3066|title=ROOKIE case|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=188|height=250]Bibliotech broke the news (see the post below this one), but now the story is out. The FDO™ received samples of the "case" for the book, which is the actual hardcover that goes under the dust jacket. For you slow kids, take off the dust jacket on any hardcover, and what's below… that's the case.

As you can see, we have sexy Krakens orange printing on a black cover. You can also see something at the bottom that will be part of a big "secret announcement" in a few weeks. 

If you ordered a copy (or copies) of THE ROOKIE, I'm telling you now you will be very happy with the product. We've seen all of the parts -- the case, the jacket, the text pages and the color 16-page insert -- but not the finished product. The parts all rock the house. If you have not bought a copy (or copies, this ain't gonna suck itself), then click here and get cracking!

I am heads-down working on the third draft of the ANCESTOR hardcover re-write. It's kicking my ass. Don't worry, I will get up, dust off said ass, then plant a size 10 square in the beanbag of Baby McButter. Tough going right now working out the new plot twists, but pimpin' ain't easy. 

This means no new fiction coming your way this week, but I'll still have a couple of tasty things drop (tomorrow and Friday).


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We bow to the mighty FDO

And agree... LOVE the "Dark Overlord Media" on the spine! Great publishing name!
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Nice! Is that "dark Overlord Media" I see on the spine? Hmmm, "secret announcement"? Oh what could it be? I sure it will blow our socks off!
FDO keep knocking away at Baby McButter so you can put Ancestor to rest in the Publishers hands. Can't wait to read it! We understand the large amount of time you're having to commit to the re-write. So I can wait [semi-patiently :) ] for the new fic to come my way.
Thanks for the update and You RAWK Scott!!

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This is made of win and awesome

 "Dark Overlord Media" is a rock solid name.


"Top Gunners gun from the top, mutherfucker!"



"Top Gunners gun from the top, mutherfucker!"

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looking sweet and anxiously

looking sweet and anxiously awaiting
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For a second there...

I thought it might have been a personalised copy that said "Dark Overlord Me" >_>
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This looks really cool...digging the Dark Overlord Media thingy too. You rock on with your Self-Publishing...self. Laughing
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Very nice!

Can't wait for my copy. 


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Looking good!

 Yo! I love that "Big Picture" plan you have about when you have 20-30 books out there. L-O-V-E it! I'm sure the EQ can soothe your butt-pain and over-worked frustration. :)


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"Defeat HELL! I'm advancing to the rear." --Gen. George Patton

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Love it!

Can't wait to get it. This thing is going to RAWK!

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Saw it on twitter

and almost went into cardiac arrest it was so HAWT!!!!!!!!

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Oh. Be still my fluttering heart!  Sealed


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It's a thing of beauty — a clean, gorgeous killer design.


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Whoa brother that is so cool ... cant wait to get mine... and speaking of that I need to find out if the FDO got my change of address message....So scott did you happen to get that in June .... if not drop me a line... 


Take care



Bag pict - must get new one.....

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