A behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming Sword & Laser show on YouTube, part of the Geek & Sundry network founded by Felicia Day. 

I have the privilege of being the first guest on the show when it launches on -- wait for it -- Friday the 13th. Awwww yeah. Cue the Tim Tebow: "I'm very excited!"

Tom and Veronica are all kinds of awesome. Click here to subscribe to the Geek & Sundry channel on YouTube, and then tune in to watch my episode on April 13!


Just subscribed, can't wait to watch this episode.
Yes! I subscribed after your first post about G&S. Awesome premiere date for what I'm sure will be an awesome show with an awesome 1st guest! Can't wait!

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I've subscribed and am already (strangely) looking forward to Friday 13th O:-)

CBBC Tigress & Proud member of the Gutter Sistren


Is there gonna be Sword & Laser this year? My paper for college is almost over - have to finish the last two pages of the report and I can fully give up with studying and start watching my favorite series of Game of Thrones and Victoria. Hmm... What about Cyle and Maggie? Are there another way of Sword & Laser?


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