Okay, I freaking love stuff like this. Junkie Murle the Girl is an Orthodox Jew who learned about Siglerism through another member of her Synagogue (and that member learned about it through another member ... gosh, it's almost like Siglerism is contagious or something ...).

To celebrate Purim, she whipped up some blue-triangle Hamantash for her and her fellow Junkies. 

Personally? I like the top-middle one, which has clearly "fizzled" and is leaking delicious, sweet, rotting-triangle-goo onto the plate.

Sadly, I did not eat any, because the Rules of Siglerism decree that "Scott is unable to accept any foodstuffs or packages containing snacks or candy. These will be discarded untouched." 

Murle knew that and did not send any my way. She must be one smart hamantash. 

Happy Purim!


On Edited

That looks really damn good, though.

So what's up, boss?  You live in Cali; you shouldn't be afraid of edibles.

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