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the Siglerfest 2011 schedule

Junkies, the dishes are done, man! Take a gander at the final schedule for Siglerfest 2011 in all of it's blood-soaked plaid glory.

For those attending, we are looking forward to spending time with you. For those of you who can't make it, we're going to be shooting video of just about everything (but not Scott in the bathroom, I had to talk him out of a potential "Tuaca Tales from the Toilet" special episode).

Remember: Scott will also be on panels at BaltiCon, and that con is a blast. Check out our full Siglerfest/Balticon schedule at the Siglerfest page. We can't wait to see you all!


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I wish I could be there. Sadly, flying to America not quite in my price range at the moment :(

mrben "Carpe Aptenodytes"


"Carpe Aptenodytes"

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Have a great time...

... all you Junkies and everyone at DØM. I shall be there in spirit, so please raise a glass to a far-off Scotsman.

I guess I'll have to get on with my writing! 

Stay Alive folks.

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We'll miss ya

And just as sadly, A and I can't afford to take this show on the international road. Maybe I should start dating an oil barron on the side ...

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Write it up

I like this idea. If you can't join this celebration of Siglerism, you shall sequester yourself in a writing exile for the duration. Do let us know how many word you crank out on those two days.

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Fuck Yeah

Looking forward to kickin' back a few with the FDO.


"Bullets speak louder than words"



"Bullets speak louder than words"


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Lucky buggers!

Hope you're all having an awesome time at Siglerfest! Sorry I couldn't send an audio message - my computer is giving me grief. Feel free to drink a lot of beer and talk shit in an Australian accent on my behalf. xxx

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didn't happen for me during Siglerfest but I'm planning a story where muscle turnes to bone.  Yep, a real genetic disease causes this problem.  Morgegellans ain't got nothing on FOP (  

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Junkies Fuckin Rock! That is all.

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