Smegster combined the worlds of Scott Sigler and JC Hutchins (author of the podcast novel series "7th Son") in this exceptionally violent little piece of video. I don't fare well in this one, folks. WARNING: If you haven't heard 7th Son, you won't get this - but if you dream of seeing me get my ass kicked, please tune in! Hutch claims to have no involvement in this video, but I know he's behind this shit, goddamit - anyone out there who wants to make a video where Hutchins runs into trouble at the hands (and pliers) of Kayla Meyers or Magnus Paglione? Please let me know! Smegster is the man behind the Perry Dawsey Infection video.


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Hilarious shit -- I don't

Hilarious shit -- I don't know why, but this guy stuck me as Tom Sizemore on crack. Well...on more crack.
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Just amazing that you've got

Just amazing that you've got fans that make this stuff. Very enjoyable.
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That was funny, saw it on

That was funny, saw it on youtube earlier, of course Hutch is behind it. Let the games begin!
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Cool, very cool! Smegster

Cool, very cool! Smegster did an excellent job with the video! Can a Rookie video be that far behind? Way to go, Smeg!!!
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omg that was effin

omg that was effin awesome! Your fans really love you,

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