This is a video by Toby Turner. He is frickin' funny as frick'. I stumbled onto this guy via a long chain of this link to that video to this link to that video, started watching his stuff and was mightily entertained. It wasn't until I was on his site and saw his 2-minute screen demo -- the last, like, 5 seconds of his demo reel -- that I realized he starred in Earl Newton's adaptation of my short story SACRED COW.

That's right, I watched like a half-hour of Toby's vids before I realized that he was the star of the only movie-adaptation of one of my stories. How many times have I watched SACRED COW? Hard to count. If it's more than I have fingers, it's hard to count. Clearly, I'm not that sharp. 

Toby has like 500,000 subscribers for his bitchin vids, and there's a reason for it -- home-slice is really funny.

Personally? I take full credit for his success. That's just what I do. Guy acts in an adaptation of my story, he becomes super-mecha YouTube star. He's got a crapload of these vids: click here to see his YouTube page.


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