[img_assist|nid=1724|title=Ants in my pants!|desc=the cover of BloodCast, Season II, which features the story "Eusocial Networking."|link=popup|align=left|width=67|height=100]I wrote a short story called EUSOCIAL NETWORKING for J.C. Hutchins' OBSIDIAN series. The story's "big idea" revolves around leafcutter ants, which gather plant material, take it to a central spot in the nest, and let a special fungus break the material down into a liquid the ants use for food. In my story, scientists have modified the fungus to break things down faster and produce a raw component for biofuel. Because the ants gather autonomously and endlessly, many nests can be combined to produce an endless supply of this easily refined biofuel base (the ants, of course, have also been modified, and are the size of your hand with pincers that can take off a finger -- it's a friggin' Sigler story, maybe you were expecting puppies?).

Tom HalliganNot that I would ever toot my own evil horn, but Pope Siglericus XXX has predicted real science yet again. Thanks to Junkie Tom "thalligan10" Halligan (pictured at right) for sending me this link. All of you whorish types that say I don't know my science just don't get it -- it's not about the nuts-and-bolts, the 1+1=2, it's about the concepts. I wouldn't know a particle accelerator from a bull's balls, but the Pope has the holy vision that let's him see deep into the future while entertaining your Junkie asses. Read it and weep, bitches!

Now, if these silly scientists would just start making fist-sized ants ...


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its science fact bitches

Good find tom, crazy.

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Bull's balls eh?

You, dear FDO, know how to turn a phrase.
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Bull balls?

One difference between a particle accelerator and bull balls is that bull balls are edible and a particle accelerator isnt!

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It would appear...

 that there is a fungus. Umungus...


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Good Fiction

All the best fiction plays with viable theories for real problems. Star Trek and Star Wars are the best known for it, and look what's going on in science now that people who grew up on those ideas are working with real science! 


There was just a story on the radio about hog-farms and flesh-eating bacteria....


Long Live the FDO!


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