We've closed submission for this project. Sorry. If you have industry experience, meaning you've written for movies or TV and have credits, we'll still take your script (although you'll be horribly disappointed with our pay rate, which is "free"), email Brent at Yes, I have a "secret movie project" in the works. No, I can't tell you what it is, so don't friggin' email me. Yes, I have blackmailed Brent Weichsel into helping me gather the info, because I'm too friggin' busy to do it myself (Brett, it seems, has a bit of a gambling problem, and needed a "loan" to cover his markers - hence, he gets to help me out until I decide his debt is paid). I am looking for two or three screenwriters to do 15-minute episodes of a movie I'm creating. Think of me as the executive producer of LOST (with the limos, and the parties, and the hoes, of course), and think you as the lowly episode writer, toiling away 'till the wee hours of the morning. I will produce this series and provide overall vision as well as episode content, but I need writers to make each episode come to life. So, if you want to be a screenwriter, write a script, however you slice and dice it, read the assignment below. Read it, class! I'm not kidding around here! Read it, write your script, and email it to Brent. THE CHARACTERS: Jamie Jillinhall Age: 15 Gender: Female Background: Jamie is seen as the "popular" girl at school, but only because she is by far the most beautiful girl in her class. She has trouble talking to boys, except for her boyfriend Hanson Lander. Outside of the school's protected environment, her shyness makes her an outcast. Derrek Lander Age: 19 Gender: Male Background: When his parents divorced, Derrek's father won custody of he and his brother Hansen. Hansen was too young to know what was going on, but Derrek was old enough to know he wanted to live with his mother -- he asked to stay with her, and his father allowed it. Without a constant father figure, the willful Derrek constantly got into trouble. He was arrested during a stick-up at a local convince store and sent away to juvenile hall at the age of 12. Just out of jail and on probation, he's already learned his lesson and wants to start a new life. He has his own apartment, and has not seen his brother Hanson in four years. Hanson Lander Age: 16 Gender: Male Background: When Hanson's parents spilt and Derek stayed with their mother, Hanson moved in with their father just across town. While he always means well, Hanson doesn't always think things threw all the way. He doesn't have his brother's intelligence, and has a tendency to act first and think later. THE SITUATION: Hanson wants to impress his new girlfriend Jamie with a ring, but he has no money. He decides to go for the quick fix and mug someone. He brings his father's gun (which ironicly was the same gun Derrek used when he was arrested). Hanson thinks he has put blanks in the gun, but in reality, he's loaded with live ammo. Late at night in a park, he waits for a victim he thinks he can intimidate. Hanson draws down on an overweight man, who turns out to be an undercover cop. The cop order Hanson to put down the gun, but Hanson flees - the cop shoots him in the leg. Hanson shoots back, trying to scare the cop long enough to get away, but while he's stupid, he turns to to be an excellent shot -- the cop goes down. Hanson runs: he now knows the bullets are real, and that he hit the cop, but he doesn't know if the cop is alive or dead. In a panic, he calls Jamie, who picks him up in her car. The scene you need to write begins when Jamie drives the wounded Hanson to Derrek's apartment.

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