I didn't catch this one yet, have to see if it's in the San Francisco area, but if not it's a DVD rental for sure. Fuck Yeah.


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Oh yeah!

Swords are amazing weapons and they can be beautiful to brutal in their designs. It takes excellent coordination and skill to use one as a weapon. I am interested in finding this and watching it myself!

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So much history ...

So much of mankind's history is based on hand-to-hand weapons, and the sword is the grandaddy of them all (until the English came in and fucked everything up with their wicket longbow proficiency, that is). Hell yeah I want to see this.
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Neflix to the rescue

It's up for reserve on Netflix, just added it to my queue.  Swords have always intrigued me I have a collection of around 15 at the moment (no "authentic" ones yet, still trying to get my hands on a "real" katanna.)  I made chainmail armor for a while, but haven't had the time lately.  I am sure this will be good stuff.
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To the glory of battle...

 This is a neat premise. Reminds me a bit of 300 in that there is some glory and honor in the battle.  Swordfighting has that mystique to it.  Very intriguing


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This will be a lot of fun to watch....

I spent some time in the SCA, made some chain mail (redundanct I know), plate armour, the whole bit.   Had a great time...  Saw some beautiful blades from different craftsman... 

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love this stuff

thanks for sharing. didn't know about ths.
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i like me some ninja stars,

 but who can ignore thegreat power of the Katana, the greatest sword EVAR made?


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This looks great

IF anyone knows how I can get a copy in Australia, please do share.  I will try my luck with Bigpond movies
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i love blades

i have a pretty nice collection and i fence a few times a week and have a few medals under my belt

the club is in the winter garden area in florida if anyone has any questions


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You can now order Reclaiming The Blade

Scott, I'm the publicist for Reclaiming The Blade, http://www.reclaimingtheblade.com. Thanks for showing the blade some love! I wanted to let you and your readers know that the film will debut in a 2-disc deluxe edition set on March 30th. Pre-orders are available now at http://www.galatiafilms.com/store for shipping on March 30th. The film (minus the bonus features disc) will also be available for download from iTunes on March 30th. On May 5th, Reclaiming The Blade will be available everywhere DVDs are sold and rented (rentals will not include the bonus features disc). Check it out and please let us know what you think of it. Thanks!

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