How to Podcast That's right ... FREE. Listen to the story and enjoy. I will find a way to extort money out of you later. What the Fuck is a Podcast? If you have no idea what a podcast is, or you don't even like them, relax. You can listen simply by clicking the link for each episode in the main blog. Right-click on those links, choose "save link as," and save the MP3 file to your computer. Listen at your leisure. OR, if you want to learn the mysterious arts of the podcast, read on ... I love podcasts First you need a "podcast client." This is a piece of software you install to receive podcasts. If you already have a client, just subscribe by pasting the XML feed into the "add pocast" function of your client:
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[...] The Rookie: Podcast at

[...] The Rookie: Podcast at Podshow Not yet available as a book [...]
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[...] on WCCC and

[...] on WCCC and immediately thought of Scott Sigler - author of Earthcore, Ancestor, Infection and The Rookie.  Scott uses some Lacuna Coil music beds on his audio podcast [...]
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[...] in that

[...] in that thrillerly-kinda-way he's a good reader and his books Infection and to a lesser degree The Rookie are good enough. It's really rather [...]
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[...] Ancestor (podiobook

[...] Ancestor (podiobook link), the author of technothriller science fiction horror/thriller Earthcore (podiobook link), the pioneer of the podcast novel, the sick mind behind the high-adrenaline disease thriller [...]

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