Rocktopi are going to kill all of these silly people.

Submitted by -Geoff in StL: Looks like Ze Germans are messing with stuff they should NOT be messing with. Read this article and tell me they didn't read and love EARTHCORE, because they are following the EARTHCORE plot to a T. Um, German dudes? Might be more than gold in them thar hills ...

THE STORY: DEUTSCHKATHARINENBERG, Germany - German treasure hunters began digging Tuesday for what they say may be plunder buried by the Nazis in a man-made cavern near the Czech border.

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Wrong again, man..

Sorry man, but since I did read the article I can tell you that a) they didn't read and love EARTHCORE, and b) they are NOT following the EARTHCORE plot to a T. This is more closely related to watching that crazy guy at the beach with his metal detector than your book.
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Figures "anonymous" can't back it up

"Wrong again?" Gosh, how could I have EVER thought this news story was like EARTHCORE:

  • " ...maintain that a scan of the spot has revealed that a large quantity of metal is about 20 meters below the surface."
  • "They believe it to be either gold or silver, based on the scan with a sophisticated metal detector."
  • "It can't be iron," Haustein said as work progressed at the site. "The computer readout clearly indicates gold."
Yep, you're right, anonymous, it's nothing like the EARTHCORE plot. Thanks for visiting, now get yer fries and drive through already.
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Man, you'll pat yourself on the back for anything

Obviously I wasn't intending to "back it up"; I cared enough to call you on it when you grabbed at straws (again). I presume we can expect to see more tie-in posts connecting you to every news item involving a shovel or cloning. Or perhaps you would like to take credit for this animation as well:
But I'm hoping you stick to your science-fantasy story writing. You are fairly good at that.
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You noticed!

Yes, I am good at patting myself on the back. In fact, I have given myself an award as Best Back-Patter Ever.

And dear anonymous, I have not written a story about cloning. You reveal your sabotaging self as an agent of Hutchinsss ...


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You are CORRECT sir.... my cloning comment; I only meant that as long as you're painting with such a wide brush, your science blog connections are stretched so thin... blah blah. But you also misunderstand my intention. I have NO intention to sabotage. That would be dishonest and insulting to you and your fans. Frankly, I dig your work. I comment *because* I enjoy the hell out of it (my commute around San Francisco has been FAR more fun since i was turned onto your podcasts). I wouldn't wanna tear that down... unless I'm a deep cover agent that's just trying to lower your defenses...
But if you care to know more, feel free to ping me by email; I did leave that to log the comments.
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Stretched thin? Or well covered up ... you be the judge

It's a known fact that every serious scientist in the world studies my work. It's true. So it's not a "broad brush" as you say, it's the scientists intentionally covering up elements of their work to make it look "coincidental" that it's only "similiar" to my genius.

The "Sigler Science" blog is proof of this. Do you see it on your computer screen? Yes? I have made my point. So let it be gospel ... 

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junkie perhaps...

maybe the mayor of Deutschkatharinenberg (Hans-Peter Haustein) is a junkie, and got the idea after

listening to Earthcore. Than made up some BS story to cover his embarrassment. I think he is still in denial.

All that matters is getting my fix.


[1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.

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