Let me spell this out for you with a very mathematical formula:

Vikings + monsters + spaceships + girl power + balls-out action + redemption story = FUCK YEAH! 

As you might have guessed, I'm a total bitch for a good monster flick. Monsters are my life, my career, I dig that shit nine ways to Sunday. Add in some Vikings and major blood splatter due to war hammers? That's like your chocolate is in my peanut butter times 8.2 million. So OUTLANDER? Like buttery gold, it is.

That's right: monsters + vikings. There's a coefficient in there somewhere, not sure where, but that's math for you. The answer to the equation? "A fucking good time." If you're not too busy pansy-sipping your limited-edition Winter Bock and trying to show everyone what a movie expert you are, and you sit the fuck back and enjoy some solid CGI, this one will rock your balls all the way to the back of the room.  Have you seen BROTHEHOOD OF THE WOLF? If the answer is "no," see that shit immediately, if the answer is "yes," and you liked it, you will dig OUTLANDER. 

So you watch this flick, and you think you've seen it before (because basically, you have), and then somehow they manage to spin the classic formula into a few places you didn't expect. Fuck yeah. There's a few twists and turns, and some sneaky shit you didn't see coming, all wrapped up in traditional popcorn flick traditions. 

They spent $50 million on this bitch, and it's clear a lot of that went into the monster FX. This is a unique monster, a bit Rocktopi-ish if I do say so myself. Good design, unique concept that makes it unclear who is the real bad guy, and they hang it all out on a tight storyline. Definitely worth the rent. 

Oh, and that shit has Ron Perlman. What the fuck else do you need to know? Two words: "Ron Perlman." Two more words: "Fuck yeah."


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Saw a preview for this

 A few weeks ago at the movies (cant remember which one i was going to see) and thought this movie looked awesome. Definitely gonna check this one out.



Mark "The Mangler" Wheeler

#1 Contender for the heavyweight title.

Mark "The Mangler" Wheeler

#1 Contender for the heavyweight title.
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Got Outlander

A couple weeks ago, excellent movie. Le pacte des loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf) was a suprisingly great movie. The special FX were awesome!

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