THE STARTER eBook is available

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We at Dark Øverlord Media give a crap. No, seriously, we do give a crap -- about your hard-earned money. If you own THE STARTER in hardcover, this message is for you. If you didn't buy the limited-edition hardcover, you can still listen if you like. We go into greater detail at our Make It Right page. 

We also threw in a little tease of THE STARTER audiobook, which goes on sale Dec. 3, just to get you fired up (right, like we're going to miss a chance to pimp something? Playa, please ... ).


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That's friggin sweet. But.......

I don't understand, could someone make it clearer for me. I purchased the starter so i email a kovacs and say what? How will we prove that we own a copy? Thanks. 

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Thanks a lot...

That is a fantastic gesture.

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I know I've said it many times before...

 ... but the FD∅™ and everyone at Dark Øverlord Media (A and everyone else) simples rocks. Not only do you produce fantastic quality deed tree books, audio books, podcasts, and everything else you do, but you are the most proactive and fan-centric group ever.

It keeps us coming back not only for the great stories and the Fan-Base of Evil Goodness, but you make us feel part of your family.

And THAT puts you way over the top, above and beyond... and keeps us loyal and clamouring for more... at least it does for this loyal Junkie.

Plain and simple: thank you, sir... thank you, A... and thank you, oh glory that is D∅M and D∅∅M.

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that's cool

im definitely interested in that just gotta wait till i get home from work to take care of it.

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Oh, that case...

send mine to "Rusty Shackleford".

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Thank You

As if it were possible for me to love you guys more!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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That rambling email I sent you a bit ago was all the proof I needed! Awesome.


(I should STILL take a picture of the books I have though, just because.)

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How nice...

It was Scotts birthday and he gives us a gift.  I all love you peeps at Dark Overload Media.

Sigler, let me be your body double to protect you when you take over the world.

---- Heavy G Defensive End  -Bord Brigands

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I <3 Dark Øverlord Media

You guys just rawk!!!!

Especially in a world where loyalty counts for nowt!

aka nilling

aka nilling everywhere else!
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Oh boy, Dark Overlord Media is Awesome

Thanks A and FDO, you are Freakin Great

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Wolfpack Quarterback

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You guys rawk

Actually, you guys Rawk^Sweet!^Fuckin' A.

-- Anticitizen42

-- Anticitizen42
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...I didn't get that advance copy of THE ALL-PRO for me to proofread. Smile

Nevertheless, you guys continue to show the sort of integrity that creates the sort of loyalty that I'm feeling right now. We fans down here get to feel part of something bigger than ourselves, because we know that the folks at the top have our backs.

I'm a Junkie for life!

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Oh, Joe, you kidder! I'm not done with THE ALL-PRO yet!

You didn't get an advance copy because I'm not finished with the first draft.

Not that finishin said first draft means you're going to get an advance copy, mind you.

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Yes sir, oh Dark Overlord

Nevertheless, it never hurts to ask. Or beg. Or offer bribes. Cool


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Greatest Image EVAR!

A 60 foot tall Mitchell Fayed standing over the crumpled form of Yalla the Biter.  The Machine lives on!

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He is with us in spirit

Here's to ya, Mitchell.

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You guys are so f'ing cool!

Now I really want a Kindle! (Will it work on Kindle?) Sending my email now. Love you guys! (Wipes a tear away)

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