Hi everyone!Scott actually used my first name in his new short story Passenger! He had e-mailed me and told me he would. Awsome!!I love listening to his books when I am enduring chemotherapy for my breast cancer. I have six more sessions to go. Keep the great Sigler podcast stories coming.Sheryl E.


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Keep a watch out for a teen in NOCTURNAL!!! Part of the payment for this site :D Robbie Trencheny Web MastaPimp www.robbiet.us

Robbie Trencheny

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Hugs to ya!

Hey Sheryl! nice to meet another lady Junkie! Hugs and prayers and good thoughts for ya as you battle this!



"Mae's a f***in genius! and a regular Genius too!" ~ Scott Sigler

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Just read your comment....More Hugs

Hope things are going great for you, Did the chemo make you sick or was that the price to pay for listening to Scott's sickening creepy stuff.Take care and another hug from another lady Junkie.
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Name Check

I had the same thing though I wasn't warned and it was quite a shock when I heard my character's name. The shock didn't last long though as he was quickly killed off! Great idea.

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