Junkies, normally we don't list fund-raiser ops for anyone other than the Wounded Warriors Project or Disabled American Veterans. We thought we'd make an exception, however, for a young filmmaker that has created three pieces of Sigler-related video.

Brent Weischel is a Junkie working on his senior thesis film project. He's trying to raise a moderate amount of scratch to do it right. Here's the link to his kickstarter fundraiser page, where you can see him give his schpeil and get all the details.

But that's all blah-blah, bladity-blah. Around these parts, all we care about is Siglerism. So here's the three short films Brent has already made about Sigler-related content. If you dig them and you have a lil' extra to contribute to a young filmmaker, hit his Kickstarter link. If not, enjoy the view.

Brent shot this short from my original screenplay. Sports fans, only you can understand this kind of pain.


This one was for the ANCESTOR user-generated video contest. Dark and spoooooky.


And finally, we have Brent's fucked-up version of what it would be like to be INFECTED. I tell ya, there's something wrong with that boy ...


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