Jimmy Fallon just won major points with the FDO™. I saw this on Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy blog. Astronomy rap about the James Webb telescope replacing the amazing Hubble Telescope, as performed by "Milky J."

Any time we get a pop-culture figurehead talking about science instead of some woo-woo bullshit, you gotta give props.


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Hubble Gotchu !

Yup, I for one, want to know whats really going on. Are we really composed of energetic strings vibrating in different modes and frequencies? Are we holographic reflections of something on the bounding surface of a brane? Is this a multiverse or a universe? Where is the higgs boson? What is time...

Without research, we'll never know. As long as our government shuts down projects like our Superconducting Super Collider in Texas, we'll have to go to other countries and use their shit.

So thanks Jimmy Fallon and Milky J for keeping science in mainstream media. Maybe if the public shows a greater intrest in the sciences, our government will be forced to make better decissions... or not... did I just rant?


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Possibly a rant, but also not a problem

We need to start ranting about such things. The state of science education in America is bad. Anything in pop culture that puts more emphasis on science and less on the endless drama of spoiled whores is a good thing.

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Stupid spoiled whores?

Did I miss something exciting? Wait, let me pause the Real Housewives of DC...

(Just kidding, I would never watch that tripe.)

Why yes, apples. How did you know? [flickr-photo:id=4347154616] Pusher and member of the Gutter Sistren

Pusher and member of the Gutter Sistren
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What do you mean, FDO? How can we possibly not need to know what the retarded celebrity whores of today and tomorrow are doing? Our world thrives on that! Or...wait...was it Geothermic Energy...shit...i can't remember anymore... DAMN! No...no wait...I'm pretty sure its the GE...not the photos of Paris Hilton flashin everyone her cooch cuz she isn't wearing panties when she gets out of her car...yup...pretty positive.


This is why we need less television. Stronger requirements for HS graduation...Mandatory college...mandatory 3 years of service to the government(military, state department, whatever). All of that. Would make us a stronger, and smarter, country.

Those who know me, fear me. Those who do not, will come to learn to. Those who cannot, will DIE.

Rich Palmer, DE #72, Ionath Krakens
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Seems like a lot of mandatorys for a free country

"They're doing their part. Are you? Join the Mobile Infantry and save the world. Service guarantees citizenship."

Hilarious video BTW. Loved it! I'd like to see those Hubble pics of Paris getting out of the carTongue out


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go science whoo!

Part of the problem with our lack of interest in science is that terms like scientist and doctor no longer carry the weight that they used to.  In the days of Dr. plumber and anyone with a few hundered bucks can get a phd. from a bull shit collage, anyone can be an instant expert with out the real knowledge and study that those terms imply.  While giving credability to who ever steals those terms, it also takes away from the credability of the people who actually earned it. Which leads to a lack of respect for science, and then interest in what it does because it has become just another viewpoint of life, instead of the truth (or as close as we can hope to get to truth) that it is.

 some people never go crazy. what truely horrible lives they must lead.~Bukowski

some people never go crazy. what truely horrible lives they must lead.~Bukowski
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The Irishman from Ohio

The Irishman from Ohio
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i had an idea for a story -

i had an idea for a story - the hubble telescope is used to view outer space - but what if aliens were using it without us knowing, to get a closer look at life on planet earth?  is suppose this idea is a bit 'soundwave' in transformers 2 where he controls the satellite. 

How do you kill a logic bomb?

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