Izic the Weird's To Pirates tat, wide shot.

Man-o-man! Another amazing Junkie Tat! This time around it's "Izic the Weird" and his To Pirates team logo tat, with a killer phrase "Memento Mori" thrown in. Recognize the name? Just dig out your copy of THE ALL-PRO and look at the All-Pro selections for the season (so, yes, he's an All-Pro in THE ALL-PRO).

What? Are you talking to me? Sorry, I can't hear you because my head is so swollen my ears are in another time zone. 

Close-up of Izic the Weird's To Pirates tat


That is amazing!

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That right there is 12 kinds of awesome... maybe even 13...!

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Nice - I have to get either a SpiderBears tat or a null tat soon, maybe in Vegas at the Siglerfest

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There I am. :-)

This was my first tattoo. Sometimes folks ask "what does it feel like?" Different people have different answers. Some say it feels like a sunburn or like a cat scratching you. Maybe that's true after the first 20 minutes or so.

But for a while it just feels like someone is repeatedly cutting into your flesh with knives.

Go Pirates!

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