Pretty sure this is a residual thing from donating to the Obama campaign in 2008. Ever since I did that, I have been hassled endlessly with politicians sticking their hand out asking for money, and getting anti-Republican messages so overly simplistic it shows me that politicians think we are all in the third grade. I take that back -- name-calling at recess was far more intelligent than the vomit spewed out by myopic Left and Right Wingers. 

But seriously, Democrats, what the hell makes you think that:
  • I have $500 to spend on dinner.
  • That I would give you said $500 for anything, let alone "retiring the District Attorney campaign debt." Know what? If you don't have it, don't spend it, then you won't have to have these fund-raisers.
  • That people will shell out five Franklins to watch MC Hammer chow down.
I will ask for the twentieth time, to be taken off of these lists, and I will be ignored for the twentieth time. 

* Now don't get me wrong, I got nothin' but love for the Hammer. He made a fortune, blew a fortune, then made a fortune again. He's like rap's version of Donald Trump in that way (only without the comb-over). I'm just not down to pay $500 to see the man, that's all.


Give a politician (right or left wing) an inch  FDO and they will ask for a mile....and if they don't get the mile they will eminent domain you and take it anyway ;)

Your mind will play tricks on you....when your eyes don't know what they are looking at....
How does that joke about the etymology of the word "politics" go again?
OJ.  No sig today. Sig tomorrow. Sig always tomorrow.
Can't touch this!
wow, Hammer is still around

"Old Earth Detroit Lions & D'Kow War Dogs for LIFE!"

I was a Republican  Precinct  Person, volunteer and doner. It is the same on our side of the fence. What worst was  the push polls  I would get; the important thing was not  how I feel about the issues but  the 50, 100, 500  and 1000 dollar lines. It was solicitation masquerading as a poll. Furthermore, the politicians (regardless of  ideology and non profits ) do not get I just a lower middle-class type of  guy. I hate it when they ask me for more that I can afford  for food.

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