[img_assist|nid=3324|title=Sigler stanks up XM|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=148|height=156]XM RadioAnother bastion of Big Media falls to the swingin' ego of Sigler. Swingin'! Random House Audio pimped out INFECTED to run on Sirius XM Radio's "Book Radio" show. The whole thing, episodic and still smelling of roses. 

INFECTED is running on Sirius Channel 9, from 6:30pm to 7:00pm Eastern Time.

Click here to visit the XM Radio "Book Radio" page  


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Way to Go!

You are truly taking over the world.  I love Book Radio.  Woohoo! 

YUM, Cat Stew

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awesome news!

awesome news!
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Any idea about the GTN?

Issat Daily on Sirius, or weekly?

(Edit after some Diggin': Looks like Daily, with Infected specifiallyfrom 7:00-7:30)

Also, any idea on if the Triangles will be spreading to Sirius Canada (Channel 117)?

(EDIT: I looks like chances are good! Sirius Canada's Book Radio is playing the same thing as the Sirius XM one right now. Good to know!)

In any case, that is absurdly awesome.

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The FDO previals once again!

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World domination takes to the XM satellite waves!!
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If only we still had the sirius working in the truck at work...guess i'll just have to stick with my mp3 CD instead.

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Have RH tried pimping it to BBC7 http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio7/programmes/genres/drama/horrorandsupernatural/current


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