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Hutchinssss!My nemesis JC Hutchinssssss was just featured on NPR's Weekend Edition, talking about his novel PERSONAL EFFECTS: DARK ART.

The baby-faced bastard rocked the interview, talking about his insane novel that comes complete with "personal effects" from the killer, including ID cards, family photos, and a strap-on. No, wait, that last one is from Hutchins' personal effects. He's a little out there, you might say.

Home-slice is hitting the big-time, folks. Will make killing him that much easier.


On Edited

ha.  nice.  sounds like an

ha.  nice.  sounds like an interesting read.  appreciate the vid review you have on amazon
On Edited

It was a short but good interview

It was about 5min long.  It actually caused a bump in PEDA's position on Amazon. It went from somewhere in the 40K position up into the lower 200's during the course of the day. Not bad for a 5min interview.


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