So how many of you have been with Scott since he first started 'casting Earthcore? Or as we Junkies like to call it EarthCRACK. I would load EarthCRACK on a compact flash card, put it in my Compaq PDA, drive slow on the way home so the wind wouldn't be so loud and press that PDA against my ear. :) heh, now I have an iPod with an FM broadcaster. MUCH easer to listen to Scott's Awesome Books!!Thanks, Scott, for all the awesome stories. Looking forward to the next one.


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Long Time Junkie

I have been a fan and hardcore junkie since I first discovered Earthcore. It was already started by the time I joined in, so I was able to build my addiction pretty quickly and listen everyday - the switch to listening as the new episodes rolled out was near torture! Since then, I'm still addicted but have learned to handle the withdrawal much better... well sort of... Thank the goddess for the "Snipe Hunt" (great story) - I was starting to get a little twitchy after The Rookie! -- Maia "KnitWitch" Whitaker


(aka KnitWitch)

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Also a Long Time Junkie

Hello, my name is Robin, and I'm a Junkie. *Hello, Robin!* I've been a Junkie since the first episode of Earthcore. I don't remember, but I'm just going to guess that I heard about it on Slice of SciFi because I think that was the first podcast I ever listened to. I handle my addiction by waiting as long as possible between listenings and by listening to more than one episode at once. I've turned my Dad and my brother into Junkies as well. AND I've distributed Ancestor postcards here in Korea. Yess . . . . yessss . . . .
I teach a Firefly class and you don't!
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Been listening since Scott was half way through Earthcrack :) Been hooked ever since. My dad is also an affirmed Junkie. Just love this stuff.



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I became a 'junkie' near the

I became a 'junkie' near the end of Earthcore, probably 2-3 episodes from the end. Since then, I've purchased both published books, and turned four or my friends into 'junkies'....
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Junkie and proud to be...

I got my first fix with episode 4 of Earthcore and I have not been able to quit since. Hell, I have to intention to quit. As long as Scott will deliver (audio, books, TV, movie), I'll be around. Sometimes an addiction is good for you... Scott is the Best! Steph
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Listening since the beginning

I have been listening to Scotts books since the very beginning. I found his first book Earthcore on iTunes, and have been hooked ever since. I can't get enough! Sheryl E.
Sheryl E.
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Not exactly an "original" junkie

Scott's podcast was the first thing I listened to when I discovered podcasting, and that was in the middle of Ancestor. Yes, I'm slow. Tell me something I don't know - I live out in the middle of the sticks in Queensland, Australia! Have been addicted ever since though. Doesn't really count if I didn't start off with Earthcore though, does it?
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yep - long time junkie

Long time junkie, from before Scott hit it big. Hoping he continues to hit it big.
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Oh yeah...

Its not often I'll use "OG" in reference to myself, but I've been following our favorite Tech Tard from the start. I'm waiting for Scott to become Emperor so I can get a upper level position making a lot of money with very little actual work to do.

Wired Pig

Chief of Secret Police - Guess its not 'secret' anymore...
Married, again, with 5 daughters... Scott has NO idea what true horror is.
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I missed Earthcore by a few

I missed Earthcore by a few weeks, but I like to consider myself an OJ since I finished Earthcore before Ancestor was podcasted.
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Junkie Cred

Didn't get to podcasting untill november last year but ive listened to all the podcasts TWICE and bought the books and even though I had to wait allmost an extra month I didn't cancel from amazon for Ancestor(the bastards!)
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oh yesssss! since the start!

Been a junkie since maybe 4 eps into the EARTHCRACK. Hubby started listening and i reluctantly joined him to be nice- at first!!! then the addiction grew and i became the insane uber-junkie some of you know today.... BWAHAHAH! :-)


"Mae's a f***in genius! and a regular Genius too!" ~ Scott Sigler

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A reverse junkie

I didn't even know about podcast novels until September 2006. It was another two to three months before I became a junkie with the Rookie. Then I worked my way back in reverse order with, Infection, Ancestor, and Earthcore. I really wish I was there at the beginning. It sounds like you all have had one hell of a ride.
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Long time listener

EarthCore was my first podcast novel. In fact when I first started listening, it was the "only" podcast novel. Earthcore was 2 or 3 shows in when I first heard of it.
Some days even my lucky rocketship underpants won't help.
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Long time Junkie

I have been with him since Earthcore and have just listened again to Earthcore and Ancestor
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Long Time Origional Junkie

I have been a junkie since abouth the Fourth episode of Earthcore, when i found it as well as Escape Pod on Itunes. I have been subscribed since then and have listened to every episode including all of Scotts rants. I have converted at least one friend but haven't really tried on the family yet, it might not go down so good with my 11 year old sis.
"We both step and do not step in the same rivers. We are and are not."
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awesome to see the folks who startedwith earthcore and are still junkies today! we own, y'all! 


"Mae's a f***in genius! and a regular Genius too!" ~ Scott Sigler

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I discovered Earthcore (and Scott's awesome storytelling) on itunes about 4 weeks into Earthcore. I found escapepod at about the same time. I have been hooked ever since. Scott, as far as I'm concerned, you get top credit for bringing back the weekly (more or less) sci-fi, cliff hanger, audio serial.
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Heard It From A Friend . . .

I remember when Drew Domkus was recommending "Earthcore" on the DNDS . . . so I subscribed. Oh yeah, I was hooked immediately! Been listening ever since!! Have Cake . . . Will Bake . . .
Have Cake . . . Will Bake . . .
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Who heard it from a friend who...

...been messing around with Sigler stories since the dawn of Earthcore. A friend of mine led me to Sigler, saying it was my type of story. I've been hooked ever since, but I'm not so sure what to make of my friends comment that it's my kind of story, does that mean she believed my mind was warped and twisted? (insert evil laugh here) Guess she was right though because I haven't stopped listening. Thanks for your warped, twisted, suspensful and bloody novels every last drop, er word, of it.
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me! i was there.. I silently sat in the background listing to Scotts first pod... and it was sweet _______________________________________ "Original Junkie" Jason "DeVoiD" Houghton -------------------------------------------------------------- cgallo
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From about...

the third episode of Earthcore. Since then I have listened to ever podcast episode and bloodcast.
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a long long time ago

replying a bit late , but i need the crackhits :P i've been listening to scott almost from the start of earthcore , i think i dropped in by episode 3 or 4. only just recently subscribed here though , real life can be a b*tch
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i came in towards the end of the rookie

but have been a loyal listener since then do not think that qualifies me as an OJ * It's all about the Numbers, my friends The Math god

The Math God of the Past
THE Mister Biz-Nass, Your friendly neighborhood Tourette-Syndrome-afflicted, throat-cancer-surviving fortune-teller who speaks through a voice box.
The Past Future gay Chief of the SFPD (the original podcast of Nocturnal)
http:Bitstrips TREED!
http://GoAnimate TREED!

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me too

but now we are OJ's (at least acording the little emblem by our name) 

[1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.


[1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.

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