1. BUY IT:
April 1: Noon Eastern, 9 am Pacific
In Big Publishing, I'm a total outsider, and if I'm going to hit #1 I have marshall all the Junkies and have them order Ancestor at the same time from Amazon.com. So put this in your calendar - if you want a copy, buy it on April 1! 2. Email friends to buy it (email postcard) Email is free. You have friends. You like to annoy them. So annoy your entire mailing list with this blurb: I'm helping this underground horror author become a #1 bestseller! On April 1, buy Scott Sigler's ANCESTOR on Amazon.com. It's a scifi/horror thrill-ride that doesn't spare the blood. If you dig movies like PREDATOR, RELIC and ALIENS you'll love this book. He's bum-rushing Amazon on April 1 at noon Eastern, 9 am Pacific, so don't be a cheap-ass and go by a copy at that time. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1896944736 3. Snail-mail postcards to friendsAncestor Postcard I have awesome color postcards for you to mail to your friends. Just email me scott@scottsigler.net, tell me how many you want, and give me your address. These were a little expensive to make, so please ask for just the amount you're definitely going to send (and keep one for yourself, of course!). And feel free to post this postcard art with a link to the book on Amazon. 4. Banner on your site Ancestor Banner 5. Blog links If I get many, many Junkies to link to my blog, I will rank higher in websearches and in places like Technorati. So if you have a blog, make sure you create a link to this blog: http://www.ancestornovel.com/blog/ 6. Audio Promos Have a podcast? A website? Just want to email your friends a cool audio file? 7. Podcast Interviews Hey do you have a podcast? Have more than one person listening (how is your mom, anyway?)? Well don't just sit there, Mr./Ms. podcaster, book my ass for an interview! The last two weeks of March I'll be an interviewing fool. My Skype addy is scottsigler, and that's a great way for me to do the interviews. Email me scott@scottsigler.net and let's hook it up. 8. Create Amazon lists on March 31 If you're a regular Amazon.com customer, this one takes about 10-15 minutes of your time and is a HUGE help. What I need is hundreds of Junkies to create a LISTMANIA list on March 31. If your interested in this one, email me scott@scottsigler.net and let's hook it up.I'll tell you what books to put in the list - it cross-references ANCESTOR against other books when people search, helping me expose future Junkies to tha Junk. Hey, why should YOU be the only addict in your neighborhood? 9. Amazon reviews Why wait to get the book to get a review? You already heard it, you already loved it (I hope). Go to the ANCESTOR on AMAZON page and write me a review already, dammit! 10. Email signature: Sure you can email your closest friends, but why not also put in a snazzy email sig that's on everything you send until April 1? If I may be so bold, I suggest the following: Help me make Scott Sigler a #1 bestselling horror author! Check out his book Ancestor - if you like it, buy it on April 1: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1896944736


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