Check out this blood-red field (with white lines and black trim), just like the To Pirates have! This is really quite fucking awesome, if you ask me. Boise State's blue field was the inspiration for the many field colors you find in the GFL (that and how bad-ass it will look if we ever land a video game), but this is the first I've heard of the red of Eastern Washington.

And oddly, I think this report is wrong -- the reason Boise State got the blue field, as I heard, was because their stadium is in a goose migratory route. Geese would stop to land on the green field, and shit all over the place. They put in a blue field because the geese see the big swath of blue, think it's water, and keep on flying.


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cool looking tho

I'd like to see one with the Krakens colors or even the orbiting death.

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I have a bit of a problem with...

...the Boise State field, in that the players also wear uniforms of the same color as the field, which make then difficult to see. In effect, they blend into the background of the field, which seems to me to be an unfair advantage. They should be required by the NCAA to wear a contrasting color.

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Eastern Washington does the same thing ...

Red uniforms on a red field? Yeah, I agree, that's a little shitty.

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Right there with you both.

You can't tell me that blending into the turf does not give the home team an unfair advantage. 

You want to have fields that look like a box of magic markers ejaculated all over it?  Go right ahead; just make the home team wear jerseys that don't blend in.

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Yes, the cammo thing is unfair

They should be wearing white so they show up against the field. But I like the colorful fields. Of course they all stole the idea from the FDO

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Its not cheating if there is no rule!

Being the son of a coach you should know that you use every advantage you can if you can get the win. And I just plain love the Field!

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I agree

The NCAA needs to either make a rule that limits the color to green or Make them where a different color UNI.


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That gives me some crazy thoughts...

Such as a Black field with White and yellow trim, for the Hawkeyes...


or a yellow field with blue and white trim for those damn Michiganders...


Speaking of...NEXT WEEKEND, and yours will feel my team's wrath.


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it would beĀ interestingĀ if

it would be interesting if they used colours to mark out zonal areas - i wonder how much colour can affect the thinking of the players in short, critical moments? 

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Sigler you forget so quickly....

Man Scott your memory is shot to hell huh?

"but this is the first I've heard of the red of Eastern Washington."


Umm how about this bitch:

Where ***YOU*** added the picture to the post!!

Tongue out


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no i dont think its a shitty deal i think it makes thigs more uniquer and adds a different dimension to football i mean if you think about it this i a step towards a GFL style they could players with jersey's that change there team colors depending on where they play to even the odds so to speak against the unfair red on red fields or blue or blue fields. next they will have nano tech tatoos to ala John Tweety to taunt and horrify there opponants....i so want one of those tats mind you



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