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THE STARTER shipping? Isn't that almost a year ago?  Why wait so long?  Well, Junkies, we've been busy.  We're thisclose to putting THE ALL-PRO to bed, and I really can't wait for y'all to read it. (And seriously?  Wait until you see the color insert.)  So we're starting to plan for shipping, and that made me think it was time to break out this little gem.

I'll also share that this is one of the FDO™ most favorite video bits we've done.  Perhaps it's the Benny Hill-esque music, perhaps it's that this is proof positive THE STARTER shipping is a thing of the past.  In any case, he loves it.  Here's hoping y'all do too.

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On Edited

I really can't wait to see this baby...!!!

But I have to ask: is the space-time continuum getting all FUBAR?

I know... just KNOW... that these puppies ship at the same time each year, but it seems as though the wait is longer and longer with each one... and this one is seeming to take a LONG time for us to get to shipment day... but that may just be my impatience!

Anyone else chomping at the bit, even if just a little???

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