THE STARTER by New York Times best-selling novelist Scott Sigler is a YA coming-of-age novel that is STAR WARS meets ANY GIVEN SUNDAY meets THE GODFATHER Click here to download THE STARTER Episode #2

What's all this then? Story content on a Friday?

Hell's yes, Junkies.  You know how sometimes Dark Øverlord Media has to get the drop on you, give you a bit of a surprise?  Well we thought we'd celebrate the launch of the new book by giving you a little more STARTER at the start of the 'cast.  

We've also lowered the prices on the eBooks for both THE ROOKIE and THE STARTER for a limited time to continue the celebration!  THE ROOKIE is now just $2.99 and THE STARTER is now just $4.99.  Get 'em while they're hot!

No New Junkie Shout Outs, no promo after the story.  Just a lot of STARTER up in this FridayFix™.  Make sure you come back on Sunday for Episode #3. (Awwww, yeah.)

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Aw man, this is where time zones sucketh

Don't think I'll be able to listen until I get home tonight. Sweet surprise though :D

-- Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

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What great news

Scott, you are our shamakath! We paint the town orange in your honor,

M. Night Shot-his-wad

Running Back for the New Rodina Astronauts #35

M. Night Shot-his-wad Running Back for the New Rodina Astronauts #35
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The Goodness continues!

Cool I'm taking this to work iwth me. woohoo!!

You think things are rough in the GFL? Try being a dwarf in turtle armor riding a 7 ton t-Rex into a death match.
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Man today sucks...WAIT!!

Do the day and let the day do you!

an awesome notification pops up on my phone telling me that Episode 2 of the Starter is up!! YES!!! Just say no to drugs, I was peer pressured to try Infected, I got the craving to try Contagious, I tried to detox and wait for Ancestor to be finished (podcast) but I snuck a few Sunday Releases, and now like a Hobo on a Ham Sammich I'm on the bandwagon and have given in to the addiction. I will be tuning in everyweek to listen to the awesomeness that is The Starter!!
"Life is too short, to be anything but happy!"
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Just say "fuck yeah"

Nancy Reagan didn't know shit. Take the hit. Dont' be a pussaaayyyy.

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Why we love our FDO. Reason #665.

After one truly shitty day, I find this sweet rock ready to be pumped straight to the vein. (or ears, whatever) Thanks Scott. You Shucking Rock!


Head Coach, Wabash Wolfpack

Husband of Susan, Friend of Junkies everywhere


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/Bow to the greatness that

Bow to the greatness that is Scott, but what is with the "kid friendly" version. did "The Man" get to you. We wan't our "Harsh Language, Adult situations AND LOTS AND LOTS of violence"Cool

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Please don’t slay me FDO out of hand for asking

Yeah I am a junkie. This episode rocks as always but… consistency is an issue for me. So I ask ... I realize this may not be an issue but from my understanding the heretic lost the fight in Title Fight. Then here in the episode 2 of the starter he won the fight. Who won the fight in the official over arching story line?

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Never trust a Tweedy's opinion ...

There was much confusion after the fight. Two of the judges declared Korak the Cutter the winner, the third judge felt that Korak died first, and therefore Chaiyal was the winner. There have been further allegations of tampering with the pulse meters, and three witnesses claim that Chaiyal's body bag was moving when his body was transfered to the Buddah City Station morgue. If Chaiyal is alive, then he is the winner, regardless of which fighter flatlined first. 

So, short answer = Korak the Cutter. However, the outcome of this fight will be argued for many years to come.

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It's about the kids, man!

ARealGirl and I believe this series can get a lot of kids to fall in love with reading. Not the kids that like Twilight or Harry Potter, those kids are already dialed-in. We're talking about a story that entertains scifi gearheads, striaght-out nerds, and kids into sports and athletics. It's the latter group that goes largely underserved in YA literature. There are some good sports-fiction YA writers out there (like Mike Lupica), but in my opinion these stories are too PC and watered-down, at least for the kind of kids I used to hang out with when I played football and wrestled.

The GFL series is intended to be gritty and real. Just because you're 13 doesn't mean you can't handle the truth, so to speak.

Language, however, is a great barrier to this. If the books are full of my normal cursing, that can keep them out of libraries, schools, and tick off parents who are working hard to raise their kids with certain moral values.

Me keeping in the language is not worth the lost opportunities of getting kids into reading.

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Maybe there is a compromise?

With the story being set that far into the future and with humans interacting with offshoots of the human species aswell as completely different speices altogether there would have to be harsher cuss words than an f-bomb. Especially for someone from a place as hard and as racist as the Purist Nation. What is the term for a human getting raped by a Ki on Micovi? Getting ki'ed perhaps.

Createrakiens have got to have a bunch of derogatotry terms associated with them. Maybe in stead of getting Fu(ked you get Reaked?  - Reakk face, Reakked in the ear, dirty Muther Reaking spawn of the High Ones severed nut sack? (double K just looks cooler to me) or maybe RARKED

I got over it and enjoyed the book but I can see why people are thrown by Barnes standing up to gangsters kicking all forms of ass on and off the field and then using a curse that sounds about on par with "poopy head".


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I miss it.

I miss the intro's most, I really do (I also can't help but wondering what Tweedy's tattoo could be scrolling), but I respect what you're trying to do with the YA angle to this series so much. Any attempt to make kids unplug and pick up a book should get the full support of everyone in my opinion. Reading and books are 2 of the greatest inventions of humanity. I hope it works, I really do, and I (and probably most junkies) will happily take a YA version given what you're trying to achieve with it.
-- Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

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