[img_assist|nid=3677|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=100] I know y'all know all about Seth Harwood. (If you're smart, you're following him on Twitter, just like you follow the FDO™.)  Seth is a kick-ass crime writer, and is cooking up his own pre-order scheme for YOUNG JUNIUS.  That's right, yer boy is taking a page out of the Dark Øverlord playbook, and a tricked-out hardcover of YOUNG JUNIUS will be available for pre-order starting May 5th.  Signed, numbered, personalized if you ask real nice, these books will ship in October.


Since Scott & Seth are teaching Author Boot Camp together this week, I asked them to get all shined up and pretty, and drag themselves in front of a camera to tell us all about it.  You want more details? Check out Seth's YOUNG JUNIUS page, and then get ready for Cinco de Junius!

Want to download the video? Click here.


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Orange box for Mr Sigler please... ;)


aka nilling everywhere else!
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Thanks guys!

Scott and A,

Thanks a biggie for the love here! I appreciate the way you rock! Scott, what's that description of Stanford? "That glorious place for all rich people all over the place"?



author of the Jack Palms Crime series find it at sethharwood.com Shake 'Em Down!!!

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I'm gonna be ready!

My Boy Seth called me on my cell once just to make sure he got my name spelled correctly when he signed my book! Now thats something! We had a very short chat but it was awesome. :D

KISS'd by Sigler. Honored recipient of the 2009 "Iron Man" Award.
Funky Name Brotha, Gutter Brethren & Pusher Twice Over!

KISS'd by Sigler
. Honored recipient of the 2009 "Iron Man" Award.
*Member of the Wolfpack* Funky Name Brotha, Gutter Brethren & Pusher Thrice Over!

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Sort of makes sense ...

All I know is I sure as fuck couldn't afford to go or send a kid to Stanford. Therefore, they are the Richie Riches. It's math, Seth, it's math.

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Might need an actual stepladder

Note to self: when you are short, don't make friends with guys who are 6-foot-6.

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Sigler, those sunglasses look huge

Sigler, those sunglasses look huge on your tiny genius filled dome!  That just proves all the ego boosting praise hasn't gone to your head.

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Huge glasses for a huge melon

These things just go together like peas and carrots. 

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Not only are the Sunglasses

Not only are the Sunglasses cool, but you are totally rockin the corduroy jacket!!! I will have to check out Seth's books, if the FDO says that there good then you know they are!

Si Vis Pocum, Para Bellum


~Si Vis Pocum, Para Bellum - Jay-Gu-Ana, owner of the Sala Intrigue~
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Sorry Seth, you are so White

Sorry Seth, you are so White :)


Looks like it will be a good book though

-- Nuchtchas

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