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One last video from Scott's ANCESTOR book tour this past summer. This one's from Boston, on the most delightful local show I've seen yet. I'm totally charmed by the old school cred this show has: the smooth-as-silk host, the producer with the epic name, and of course, only the best guests who write monster novels.

Also, a video appearance by the cutest black cat on Earth. The Director of Døøm that owns him must be pretty lucky. He's pimping one of sponsors that keeps your podcasts free!

Click here to download the video.

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On Edited totally the cutest totally the cutest kitty. :D

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Don't be fooled... that cat is evil.... evil !!!!! Cervill

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Sure, he's cute, until your jugular spews red death ...

Yep, just give him a pet.

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Would jugular-venting also happen if you didn't treat him to the best from PetCo? :P

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Smoky Bacon

I loved how smoky bacon had to check his notes while Scott was talking.  You could just catch him off frame using his glasses to take a peek at his notes.  I guess timing is critical in case Scott rambles on a little too long, the old dude might forget the question and have a nother peek...


[edit] Opps - Smoky was in the glasses.  Dick was the dude.  My bad.

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Dick the old dude

I was expecting Concannon to keel over at any moment (in mid-question).


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Smoki Bacon?

Now I bet there's a great story that goes along with that moniker... sure, she looks like the Old Navy broad now, but back in the day -- Smokin'

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