FridayFix sponsored by Sometimes, Scott gets to do guest appearances on other shows. Sometimes the shows go well, sometimes not so much. Rarely, however, have I ever seen the FDØ™ enjoy himself as much as he did on the NSFWShow (part of the TWiT Network). 

We've linked to the audio, as usual, but if you have time do set aside an hour and watch the video. Hosts Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young are funny as hell, and the fans of the NSFW show make in-joke art as the show happens that will blow your mind. 
Click here to download audio of FridayFix™ Scott on NSFWShow January, 2012 
(Disclaimer: no minds were actually blown in the filming of this video)
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Man, I laughed so hard I cried right along with Scott.  Fun stuff

Hey Mister...  My name's Carnie Cow.  Can you give me just a tweak of the beak?
I wonder if Meth Pigeon ever hung out with Meth Cow?

meth pigeon would have hung out with meth cow but unfortunately he was the ill-fated star in saw 11 where jigsaw tells him "oh yes there will be blood...and feathers...and fur"
that was just insane, im not sure if im ready for this story..

FDO's 2nd Degree Black Belt Enforcer
"A Black Belt only covers 2" of your butt, you better be prepared to cover the rest."

Bones are White Wooooooooooo!

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