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Click here to listen to the Chris Hardwick Interview!

Chris Hardwick's book THE NERDIST WAY rulesScott took over the FridayFix™ this week to bring y'all something cool!

Scott recently sat down with the Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick, to discuss the upcoming, November 1st release of THE NERDIST WAY.

Scott and Chris met back July 2010, when Scott was a guest back in the early days of the Nerdist Podcast.  With Chris' new book coming out next week, Scott checks back in to learn more THE NERDIST WAY (and reaching the next level in real life) from the new Hard(wick)est Working Man in Show Business.

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Downloading now, will listen during my walk tomorrow. Love the @nerdist podcast, so many funny (nerdy) people.
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Thanks Scott!

I've been following you for a while, this is the first time I've posted on your site.  This is such a great interview.  It gave me the theme that I can now say defines the type of people I'd like to follow and be informed by, Postmodern Type A's.  Chris fits that bill, I think you do too!

Fantastic insight into the modern mainstream creative process, but I'm coming to expect that from anyting Sigler.

Thanks so much,


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Glad you dug the interview. Chris is a real inspiration. 

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the FDOs interview is what sold me on the nerdist in the first place

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Great way to make it through work

I know that I will be downloading the back episodes to listen to during work. Nerds make the day go by faster.

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I love when my podcasts collide!

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Lots of nerdy goodness

I'm still working my way thru the backlog, really great podcast. Hope some of the nerdist fans find their way over here and help us reach 10K Junkies!
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Pusher and member of the Gutter Sistren
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me too!

I hadn't heard of the nerdist podcast until the FDO was interviewed by Chris.  I listened to that episode of the nerdist podcast and have been listening ever since. So glad to see nerds helping nerds :)


He was on Bob and Tom this morning talking about fecal transplants.

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