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Dark Øverlord Media has forged relationships with several stellar companies that make our lives easier and help bring more Siglerverse goodness to you. In a very real sense, we could not do some of what we do without them. From digital distribution, to delivering beautiful product, to cutting edge technology, these are the partners that make a difference.

We're often asked for recommendations, and happily endorse each of these partners wholeheartedly. If you're an author or indie publisher looking to Dark Øverlord Media as an example, these are the companies we could not do without. You should definitely check them out.


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Concentrated acid for blood

All of these vendors have concentrated acid for blood. I swear it. They are tough sonsabitches, the kind that Sonny McGuiness would have a drink with. For those of you who don't know, Audacity Events is the company of ARealGirl. How she can run two companies is beyond me. If I manage to tie two shoes, I count it as a victory and treat myself to Chocodiles.

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Thanks for the links...

...and it only goes to show that it takes many hands and much time to produce good stuff.

And, as I'm a Scotsman and cannot sample them, are those Chocodile thingies really that good?


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Imagine ...

Imagine the goodness of an angel from Heaven. Now, shoot that angel in the head. Put it in a wood-chipper, grind it up real nice. Then, put that into a blender with a blade made of pure diamond. Then, grind down a unicorn horn into powder. Mix together, bake in a fire made of freeze-dried Smurfs. Take the cooked cake, cover it in chocolate (which is actually the candified blood of endangered pandas), and there you have it.

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Since the site..., well, not privately hosted, but hosted by a company not currently accepting new clients - who would you recommend for website hosting? I know GoDaddy is a sponser, but they've got some rather silly limits on some elements of their plan (mainly the php memory limit, which is way too low for Drupal-based sites), and they don't have any option other than moving up to a virtual server (which I don't really have the traffic to warrant yet).

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You got me

If you have a question related to Drupal, try posting in the forums for Pulsar to answer. He is the masta.

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