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Goreline Calls for March 11, 2011

Awww yeah! March Goreline! We've got a little ANCESTOR, a little singing, some filling the hole, Snookie's ghost writer, and even a few guests in the Soundbooth of Døøm™.  Remember, if you have a question, call 206-666-GORE (4673) in the US, or record an MP3 and email it to then sit back and wait for your punishment!

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Can't get enough of Frankie!

But I couldn't help calling him out on that ghostwriting thing. We all knew ya did it, Frankie.

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Frankie is not happy with you

Oh man, he bitched non-stop about that call.

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One of the most fun i've had listening to a ff

Hilarious. And dude, i didn't even hear that you had a cold, i wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it. Looking forward to nocturnal like hell

You're out of luck. Cause this is me not giving a F**k

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Listening to the pornmusic of the FDØ...

I couldn't help thinking of porn spoofs on popular movies and tv shows mentioned in "Friends" eg. "Buffy the vampire layer" and "Lawrence of a labia" and so forth! Gives me a whole new spin on cocktopi... sorry, Rocktopi.... Either way, actually, I wouldn't really like a spin on it....

Any way, was just a thought!  

First greenlandic junkie! F**k yeah!


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Then you'll want to check this out ...

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Quyth life cycle challenge

About the Quyth life cycle question. I believe the question refers to the start of episode 3 of Title Fight (also see siglerpedia the Quyth warriors entry)


A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in. Robert Orben

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in. Robert Orben
On Edited

Where was MY call??????


"For future reference, I was sort of hoping for a suggestion that didn't sound like it came from that Bolshevik Muppet with all the dynamite.”

- Jim Butcher

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