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Goreline Calls for February 4, 2011

Check us out with yet another monthly Goreline episode! As long as you kids just keep calling, you know the FDO™ digs answering your calls. This one is full of crazy: Christopher Walken, dinosaurs playing fetch, and plenty of sass. Call 206-666-GORE (4673) in the US, or record an MP3 and email it to

Watch this video and check out the guy in the coat. He's playing Magnus Paglione (from ANCESTOR) in this video. Would he make a good Bryan Clauser for the NOCTURNAL trailer? coupon code SIGLER saves you ten (10%) percent off of ink and toner, refill kits, save money for your printer and avoid Staples and OfficeMax

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And the only prescription is more cowbell! That was the best constipated Christopher Walken impersonation I've ever heard.  

Woo-hoo! SiglerFest2Ø11 featuring Phil the Hole

[flickr-photo:id=4722743287,size=m] DragonLady of DØØM & Co-Founder of Gutter Sistren

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The RiceBowl -

Hello my fellow Junkies,

Since Scott is never shy to promote himself, I thought I'd take an opportunity to promote this year's RiceBowl. "RiceBowl?" you mean SuperBowl? No...RiceBowl!! Drew Brees of the Saints -- yes last year's SuperBowl MVP is trying to win another Bowl game...check it out at

You can help feed the hungry and join Drew's team or join my team...the Student's Team sponsored by the Maine Learning Technology doesn't matter which team, just join and play!



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That video was good, but that is not how I pictured Magnus or Clauser!

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Haha dungeon, i was just in my dark place filling the hole

You're out of luck. Cause this is me not giving a F**k

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Way ahead of you Jeff!

Check this out! We even have a Sigler Junkies group!

* * Head Biker Babe & [flickr-photo:id=4891502501], Dead Sexy Dealer, The Juicer, Co-Founder of the Gutter Sistren & Proud Member of GirlCo. * *

CBBC Head Biker Babe aka Boob Master Flasher, Proud Member of GirlCo, Co-Founder of the Gutter Sistren AND... I'm [REDACTED]'s [REDACTED]!!!

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I've always pictured Bryan

I've always pictured Bryan to look more like the actor that played Clauser.


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---------------------------------- Dumbed Down Life ----------------------------------

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