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Goreline calls for October 8, 2010

Can a sista get a "hell yeah?" A few more calls from the Goreline (206-666-4673) and the silky voice of your FDO™ to keep the shakes away until ANCESTOR Episode #20 drops on Sunday. We're still clearing out the backlog of calls, but don't let that stop you from dialin' in and giving Scott your two cents' worth. discount code SIGLER saves you 10% ten percent and gets you free shipping on Skecher, Stuart Weitzman, reebok, hugo boss, rockport, brunomaglia, bruno maglia, and moreGet your Krakens gear from! Shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and NFL-quality jerseys. Gear up for the orangeslaught, and gooooooo KRAKENS!


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The Rookie Gear link is broken - it goes to, but then redirects to, a 404 error page. (And it's both links, text and image).

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Try this

link.  It takes you to the main page, but you can click on the link for Rookie gear from there.

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RE: GFL link

For me, it worked with GFL in all caps, but not with gfl. Those hoodies sure look nice :)

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We're having some issues with the URL ending in ALL CAPS (GFL) or non-caps (gfl). I just changed the links to non-caps, and they are working. Click on the banner and have at it.

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Just a tiny correction...

You were at Swancon in April 2010, not 2009. So,'re behind on the Goreline calls, but not as far behind as you thought. :)

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Yeah, I'm not so good with time spans and such.

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Okay, this has got me jonesin' for ...

... the FDO on a call-in advice show! With tuaca shots!  

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Did you know scream 4 is in pre- production scheduled for 2011. Really, another one

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