This week's FridayFix has no new story content. Instead, I present a keynote speech I did at the Balticon 2009 convention in May. This is my take on where story-based content delivery is going. That's a fancy way of saying "how will people read books in the near future?"

If you are a writer or an aspiring writer, you need to listen to this. I talk about Big Publishing, Small Publishing, the rise of smart phones and why the Kindle is a statistically insignificant player in the future book marketplace. Yes, I just said that (but don't ignore the damn thing, for crying out loud!).


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Very good presentation Scott.

You are just going through another big shift. Horses to cars, monks in libraries to mimmiographs, xerox and typesetting.

I find it fascinating hou you figured all this out and still give us junkies some of your precious time. That personal attention is why I am willing to drop real money for your stuff. I do plan on buying the Rookie, but I have to recover from late insurance bills and a 20% income drop.

After I buy the required software to work for my church, the Rookie is the next project. Then my debit card and your bank can play real nice together.

It sounds hokey, but I'm so tired of marketing crap. People who fake being one thing just to get a sale. You are just real. "Buy the book you cheap bastard!" I love that in-your-face style. And thanks for not OVER marketing. 

I'm proud to be an OJ! 

"Defeat HELL! I'm advancing to the rear." --Gen. George Patton



"Defeat HELL! I'm advancing to the rear." --Gen. George Patton

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Enjoyed this...

I was in the room at Balticon for this presentation (sitting in good company next to JP, shadygirl and CB). First off, the FDO was in perfect TechTard form.  It took about 7 people to donate parts in order for the FDO's MacBook to successfully project a powerpoint slide show. Yell  But everyone took it in stride and was more than willing to help.  The room was packed from front to back, with people who came to hear the FDO speak.  The presentation the FDO used rivals some of the big corporate slideshows I've seen, but it was concise and relevant and the FDO knew his shit and spoke to the slides like a pro (like a pro...he is a pro!).  I found this speech really interesting because a few people in the crowd had a really hard time grasping that the business model Scott uses -- give it for free then put it out for sale -- actually works.  It was as if you could see something breaking in their brains and their expression was a blank "does not compute".

I found the FDO's predictions about the future of eBook and online reading really intriguing, particularly since I was recently introduced to the Kindle application on an iPod touch and instantly fell in love with it.  Oh and when the FDO asks if anyone has a Kindle...yeah, that was me...the ONLY person in the room that actually had a Kindle on me.Tongue out

Oh and another interesting tidbit.  If you listen really closely you can hear a child's voice in the first 15 minutes.  That was CB who at one point started calling out "Scott, Scott, Scott".  It was the cutest thing ever!Laughing

--Gmork (MP, CA, WC, TG, MoGC, AAGC, PWTG, TBG)

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All true!

It really was a great speech It was very interesting to watch the people who were having a hard time comprehending the business model. ANd that is indeed CB calling out. He really likes Scott, what can we say.

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Great information and entertainment rolled into one...

Very informative presentation...and thinking about current tech and future tech applications...brought to mind an older but very tech-current story by Frederik Pohl. called.." The Age of the Pussyfoot* a story written in 1969, about a future world where everyone carries a device called a "Joymaker". A device that does impossible amazing things as far as the 1969 readers are concerned.... but sound like what we use every day today...forty years in their future. If you have not read that story here is the wiki link to tell a little about it look it up and read the story. Scott Sigler know what he is talking about! 
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*I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*
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This may be a stupid question,

but do you need to be seeing the slides to follow this?



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I don't think so.

I was there and saw it, but I have listened to it too. I think you can get what he is saying without the slides. My mom listened to it with me and she realy found it interesting.

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Grabbing stuff

I guess joining late has it's advantagiez - listening to this one tomoorow at work



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