Coach Sigler Father's Day Special - Click & Listen

Last year for Father's Day, Scott interviewed his dad. Scott loved recording it, and Junkies seem to dig it too. As it happens, Coach's favorite Sigler book is ANCESTOR, so I thought it would be fun to get them back on the phone this year.   They talk ANCESTOR, Michigan, cows, "Da Yoop," and even some football (of course they talk about football, those two have football on the brain).

I hope you enjoy this second annual installment, and happy Father's Day!
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I love hearing from Scott's Dad... Great stuff...

Please check out my new blog post and watch this amazing video for Scott Siglers book Ancestor.

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Those are fun interviews


I love listening to the both of you impersonating the UPers!

I look forward to pooping my pants.


Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.


Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.

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Was a good listen

No wonder you're so messed up. Being told a clump of trees is a primordial forest since you were little, is it really any wonder that you go to Red Lobster and start wondering what it would be like if there were people rather than crayfish in the tank!!?! Fun hearing your Dad's take on all that stuff.

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239 beans, because one more would be "too farty." OMG my sides hurt from laughing at that. I LOVE Coach Sigler. Is he looking to adopt a daughter? Smile

**Just direct-a your feetza to Daddy Greene's Pizza!**

I am crazier than a padded room full of Charlie Mansons! Sgt. Renee Jordan PUMC, PUV James Keeling
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It is absolutely fantastic....

... that your dad has such a big part and interest in your career. Just wish more dads were so supportive and "into" what their kids were doing... would be a much better world.

Thanks for sharing this Scott... it was fantastic.

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Good stuff

Enjoyed the interview.  Your dad seems like the kind of guy you could listen to for hours telling stories.

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Dad is Cool!

Just listened - excellent work Boss.

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Irv Sigler Rocks!

You are one lucky guy to have a dad like that.


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Your Dad's Got a Voice Made for the NFL!

Scott, I really enjoyed the interview with your dad.   Your dad's voice reminds me of the great NFL Film programs of the 70's and 80's.  He's got some pipes on him!  I'm talking John Facenda and Harry Kalas here!  Seriously FDO your dad could do narration for NFL films.  Thanks again FDO!

p.s. Just bought Ancester for my Kindle this morning.   Thinking about playing hooky from work today so I read this bad boy!



Frak You Rotten Baby!


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haha coach sigler is awesome

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Your dad rocks. I admit, I actually looked up pictures of holsteins while I listened to get an idea of scale. Damn those are big cows. I can hardly wait to piss my pants in terror (I'm assuming that's what your dad meant, rather than soaking my panties in excitement...).

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Coach rocks! Bring him on

Coach rocks! Bring him on tour next time. I'd love to have Barley Pop with him!



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They sure are big

You got that right, NerdGasm. Frickin' huge!

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