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And the tradition continues.  Scott and I sit down with a little bit of beer and an obscenely huge peanut butter cup to discuss the year that was for Dark Øverlord. And the year that will be. And Scott's continuing plans for world domination.

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Dear FDO,

I don't know if you've been following news on SOPA/PIPA and GoDaddy's support of it. I know that GoDaddy has been a sponsor of your podcasts, in years past up to present. While I do appreciate that, SOPA/PIPA is pretty egregious legislation that would have significant negative ramifications for everyone from the average internet user to people like yourself who use it to make your living.

Many people have begun moving their domains to other providers in protest. If you currently host yours with them, I encourage you to do the same. and are fairly popular (and in some cases cheaper) alternatives with better user experience and customer support, in my opinion.

I also think it would be a cool gesture on your part to end the sponsorship arrangement with GoDaddy. I realize this is easier said than done and that you don't want to bite the hand that feeds, but I imagine Hover or Namecheap would be open to the idea of replacing them. They're fairly active on Twitter at and if you'd like to get in touch with them. I'd have no problem with @ replying them to voice my support for you.

Even if you do none of these things, I encourage you to become aware of the implications of SOPA/PIPA and to contact your representatives in Congress to voice your opinion.

I certainly won't hold it against you if you don't respond to this comment. I'm just a fan who thought you should know what's going on. Peace, best wishes, and happy holidays.

Please FDO, please please read th 28 page letter from "The Shiv" sometime soon!

I got it!  So here's the idea.  Cause I would figure "The Shiv" makes plenty of references to Nocturnal in his letter right?  So to prevent spoiler-ish type fears.  How about the letter be something like a couple of bonus podcasts at the end of the Nocturnal podcast?


No Road Trips taken in 2011, however, a stellar year Mr. FDO!


So what I heard, was BRING ON THE PB CUPS!  LOL!!!
Finally brought myself up to full junkie-dom.  Now looking forward to a full year of Sigler in my inbox.  Happy New Year to all the other junkies.  Mr. FDO, see you again at DragonCon. :)
That's one big fucking PBC....
Holy crap.  I just about crashed on the way home from work this morning when listening to the podcast and heard me and my wife's tattoos mentioned.  Here is a link to a few pictures taken when we got the tattoos done. I will send in a couple new pics with both of our tattoos in one picture to Scott to post on his blog.

Funny thing is that I just ordered Nocturnal this morning when I first started listening to the podcast.  Also bounced around the website and forum to see if our pics might have been posted. Then I hear the podcast. Crazy.

Also, A Kovacs did pronounce our last name right. On the first try even.

It is going to be hard to sleep today.  I am still buzzing from the mention.
Untrustworthy? Me? I'll have you know I'm mostly a very honest person, when I have to be. Combat_cook on the other hand? I've always been told "If you can't say anything nice......"

Ideas sunt immortales,  estis non. (Ideas are immortal, you are not.)
This year is going to be pretty freakin' great. Hearing my name in the review blew my mind. And yes, please read the letter, even if it's not as good as we've built it up in our minds to be. I volunteer to read it for you if you're too busy, which you seem to be.
To Scott and A - thank you for all the content in 2011.
Being busy on my own projects has meant I'm rather late in catching up with the podcast episodes, and now that I have, I must say that 2012 looks set to be an exciting one for Dark Overlord Media.
All the best.
And, please Stay Alive.
I finally had a chance to listen to this amazing year for DØM!  Scott and A, you two are some sort of dynamic duo.  2012 is absolutely going to RAWK.  And, no surprise, we're looking forward to SiglerFest 2012 in Las Vegas!

Proud Member of the Wolf Pack and


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