ARealGirl and the FDØ recently did a "Books & Beer" vidcast to discuss the realities of being an author in the digital age. Crack open a brew, watch, and enjoy. Also, Evo and Jeff from Books & Beer are trying to lock up a pair of panels at South by Southwest (SXSW). Give 'em some Junkie love by taking two minutes to click here, read what they want you to do, and then voting. And, yeah, Evo is the man behind, which gives you all of Scott's stories for free, so we'd love to help him out.

And here's a little video I did to put in the feed so subscribers would know the Books & Beer interview was here (it's too long to put in the feed, would keeeeeel your bandwidth). It's me packing for Dragon*Con! It's funny! Maybe!

Click here to download the video.


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Did I hear the words 'new project called Flyer?' What is this and why I have never heard of it before? I need more info!
I voted - I hope Evo and the guys get to SXSW
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Wow. Those are the exact same items I am planning to take to Siglerfest2012.
Sweet.  I always pack my Parsec Award away with me too!
OJ.  No sig today. Sig tomorrow. Sig always tomorrow.

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